Our three high speed bottling lines offer the flexibility to run a range of glass and PET bottles at speeds of up to 600 bpm. Both of our sites have blending and mixing equipment for the intake of high gravity products or blending of raw materials as well as full traceability from raw material intake through to the finished product.


Between both our facilities, we are able to fill various bespoke and off-the-shelf bottle designs with capacities ranging from 113ml to 1 litre in glass and 275-500ml in PET.

Our machines allow us to handle a variety of closure types such as twist or pry off crowns and 28mm ROPP caps, depending upon our customer requirements.


We have both Krones paper and glue labellers and Kosme PSL labellers at each of our facilities that allow us to offer a variety of packaging solutions. This includes the application of front, back and neck or over the top labels to bottles, as well as mechanical or optical bottle spotting capability for bespoke or embossed bottles.


Our end of line packaging options can include:
Carry Packs – With an integrated handle
Clusters Packs – Wrap around multiple bottles, grouping them together
Wrap Around Cartons – Increasingly used to reduce plastic usage
Shrink Wrap and Trays – In various case formats depending upon your bottle size

Depending upon customer preferences or market requirements, we are able to palletise finished product in different formats onto most industry recognised pallets including standard, euro, heat treated, CHEP or LPR pallets.


Our teams run end-to-end warehouse stock control along with transport management and should our customers require us to do so, we can offer export solutions like hand stacking or pallet loading of shipping containers for export.


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